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We are designer and manufacturer of SMPS Ferrite Transformers, Choke Coils, Micro Metal and Toroid Choke, RF, IF Coils, Line Filter, Drum Coils, Bit Coil, filter coils, filter chokes for various Industries i.e. (TV, DVD, DTH, Electronic Blast, CFL, Mobile Charger & Other Chargers, Automobile Electronic, Medical Instruments, Telecommunication, Industrial Automation, Inverters & UPS With over 2 decades of experience and regular up gradation of latest technologies, we have attained high expertise in manufacturing of electronic power engineering products.

Hot Products / Services

SMPS Transformers

EE Series, EDR Series, PQ Series, EFD Series, RM Cores, ETD Cores, EER Cores....

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Line Filter Transformers

EE-10, EE-12, EE-16, EE-19, EE-20, EE-25, EE-30, UU-9.8, UU-10.5, UU-15, UU-16, UU-21.....

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Choke Coils or Inductors

DRUM COIL 6X8 mm, DRUM COIL 8X10mm, DRUM COIL 10X12mm, DRUM COIL 12X15mm.....

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Torroidal Coils

T-8, T-9, T-10, T-13, T-16, T-18, T-20, T-23, T-25, T-27, T-30, T-36....

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Bit Coils and Rod Coils

3X10 mm, 3X13mm, 4X14mm, 5X15mm, 6X20mm, 6X25mm, 10X30mm, 10X35mm....

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SMD Transformers

EPC-13, EFD-15, EFD-20, EDR-26, EDR-28, EDR-39, EDR-40........

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SMD Shielded Drum Coils

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