T 36, Product Photo.

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SizeOD Before Coating (mm) (max)ID Before Coating (mm) (min)HT Before Coating (mm) (max)OD After Coating (mm) (max)ID After Coating (mm) (min)HT After Coating (mm) (max)
T 1312.707.624.7513.466.995.51
T 1616.5010.206.3517.409.537.11
T 1717.309.656.3518.039.027.11
T 2020.3012.706.3521.1012.077.11
T 2222.9014.707.6223.6213.398.38
T 2323.6015.008.8924.3013.779.70
T 2626.9014.708.6427.7014.109.45
T 3333.0019.908.7633.8319.309.70
T 3434.3023.408.8935.1022.569.83
T 3535.8022.4010.5036.6321.5411.28
T 3939.9024.1014.5040.7223.3015.37
T 4242.9024.2016.2644.0023.3017.16
T 4646.7024.1018.0047.6323.3218.92
T 5050.8031.8013.5051.6930.9414.35
T 5757.2026.4015.2058.0025.6016.10
T 6262.0032.6018.0063.1031.3719.27
T 6868.0036.0020.0069.4034.7021.40
T 7777.8049.2012.7078.9048.2013.84
Torroid, Technical drawing.
All dimensions are in mm. Not to scale.

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